Sunspaces Vista Garden Room

sunspaces vista garden room

Flat Roof Garden Room


If you’ve been looking for a garden room with a flat roof and a slimline design, you’ll love our Vista garden room. It boasts an optical flat roof and a discreet profile, making it perfect for single-storey properties and extensions.

Our Vista garden room is perfect for homeowners who aren’t keen on garden rooms with a sloped roof design. The roof of the Vista garden room has inset glass roof panels placed with a minimal slope, and it features a discreet valance edge so that the roof looks completely flat to the naked eye.

Customising the Vista garden room to suit your home couldn’t be easier. The valance edge has a minimal 5cm overhang or you can select an extended 22cm deep square or round edge overhang cover. These extended edge covers then also allow you to also specify LED strip lighting. Better yet, you can choose exactly where to install your new Vista garden room, either as an extension of your home, or as a freestanding garden room elsewhere in the garden. The possibilities are endless!

Strong and stylish greman engineering

Extremely strong and sturdy, the Vista offers outdoor comfort and style. The Vista is manufactured according to German construction standards, ensuring a strong, safe and solid system and has been EN-1090-1 certified since 2016.

wall mounted or free standing

The SunSpaces Vista Garden Room is made using robust aluminium posts and 8mm thick laminated glass roof which is able to withstand loads of up to 90kg per m², so you can sleep easy knowing it will withstand even the harshest weather conditions. A polycarbonate roof is also available in clear, IR clear or an opal finish. Sturdy, modern-looking gutter profiles that are extra strong for a wide and deep span up to 700cm wide with two legs. Posts are 150mm x 110mm. The Aspire + is available as a wall mounted or a free standing construction.


Customise your SunSpaces Vista Garden Room with a range of additional options and accessories. Light up the darkest evenings with LED lighting, and add heaters to keep you, family and guests warm all year round.


And the SunSpaces Vista Garden Room comes with a confidence boosting 10-year warranty as standard for peace of mind. 

expert construction service

If you would rather not assemble your garden room yourself, then Pergolas&Verandas offers an expert Garden Room Construction Service.

The sunspaces vista garden room has the following features:
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany.
  • Frame and roof made from solid aluminium construction.
  • Concealed roof gradient, providing the appearance of a flat roof
  • Cubist, rectangular design with integrated glass slope in the beam
  • Three frame colour options including RAL9016 Anthracite Grey
  • Colour match fixings
  • All component parts are of the highest quality
  • Wall brackets to enable fixing the Veranda to a building or wall
  • Two front legs 150mm x 110mm profiles
  • Ant-rust, UV resistant powder coating in a contemporary colour
  • Roof slopes away from your wall to assist drainage
  • Glass roof – panels of 8.8mm thick laminated safety glass
  • Rainwater runs off the roof into a built in drainage system
  • Sleek, modern, contemporary design
  • Suitable for assembly on most ground surfaces, including decking, patio slabs, porcelain tiles and concrete
  • Suitable for commercial or domestic use
  • Cutting of profiles to bespoke sizes is available
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Timescales from order to delivery is currently 6-8 weeks. Please note that all SunSpaces Verandas are made to order in Germany.

quotations and further information

Call 01420 629269 or complete the request a quotation form below for more information and a detailed proposal and quotation for the supply and installation of your SunSpaces Vista Garden Room.

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From £22,851.00

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Aspire + LED Lights

High quality LED spot lights in a Veranda roof are a perfect tool to create a stunning atmosphere whenever you choose to. High quality lighting is a great tool to be used in order to create an amazing aura, at any moment and at any time. The integrated lightning offers an unlimited number of possibilities. LED can be easily managed with a remote control.

Aspire + Roof Blinds

The main task of roof blinds is protection from excessive sunlight and warming up. Blinds provide additional shade and cover for the Veranda. Simple, effective and cost-efficient. They reduce the effects of solar heat gain with the side-fixed roof blinds that blend seamlessly with your veranda. When not in use, the blinds can be neatly folded and hidden – but easily extended across your entire space when required

Revolutionary short-wave Infra Red technology used in our radiant heaters guarantees an immediate comfort of feeling the warmth just after turning them on.

Size Information

The minimum and maximum dimensions of the SunSpace Vista Garden Room.

Width: Min: 200cm Max: 700cm on 2 posts – Unlimited with multiple posts.
Projection: Min: 200cm Max: 500cm
Height: Min: 200cm Max: 300cm
7m max span on 2 posts
Glass: 8.8mm laminated safety glass
Post size 150mm x 110mm
Gutter height: 200mm
Wall Plate height: 162mm
Roof beam width 55mm
Roof glass panel width: Varies by total width but typically 650mm to 850mm