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Slim, elegant and very competitively priced. Enjoy special moments sheltered from the forces of the weather. With the Nebbiolo from Deponti you will experience your garden as you would like. All under a slim, elegant and timeless design.

outstanding value for money

The Nebbiolo is number one when it comes to quality and price. This veranda is slimmer than other Deponti models, offering excellent value fro money. In the slimline veranda market the Nebbiolo is sturdier than what is usually expected. The in-between beams are fitted with aluminium covers instead of plastic top covers, which make the covering sturdy and robust.

a range of standard sizes

Available in 9 standard sizes with widths 404cm/504cm/504cm and projection options of 2.5m/3m/3.5m. The roof is equipped with a polycarbonate roof: high-quality and durable material with a timeless appearance.

Constructed from corrosion-resistant, polyester powder coated, extruded aluminium finished in a beautiful graphite grey colour or creme white for durability and longevity.

extra living pleasure

By adding glass sliding doors you can choose to extend your Nebbiolo veranda to a complete garden glass room.

european engineering

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands they have clean lines, including galvanised steel supports contained within the post uprights for a seamless attachment to the ground.

Optional Fiano Sliding Glass Doors can be mounted beneath the cross beams to provide additional protection from the elements. 

Lighting and Heating

Warm white dimmable LED light strips are available to be integrated into the roof to create a cosy environment.

deponti Nebbiolo veranda has the following features:
  • Designed and Manufactured in Europe
  • Frame made from solid aluminium construction
  • Polycarbonate roof
  • Frame has an Anti-rust, UV resistant powder coating
  • The roof is fully waterproof
  • LED Strip Lighting option available
  • Suitable for assembly on porcelain tiles, concrete, decking. Floor must be level with no pitch.
  • Suitable for commercial use.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The price featured is for the frame and polycarbonate roof, in graphite grey or white and transportation. Installation will be quoted based on location and optional extras selected.


Timescales from order to delivery is currently 4-6 weeks.

quotations and further information

Call 01420 629269 or complete the request a quotation form below for more information and a detailed proposal and quotation for the supply and installation of your Deponti Nebbiolo Veranda.


From £2,628.00

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Viewline Slide and Turn system

Viewlines’s glass slide-and-turn system is suitable for any type of pergola or veranda roof and is fully customer made. The panels do not put any strain on the structure above the frame, which makes the slide-and-turn system an ideal solution for pergola and veranda covers.

Deponti Pinela Deluxe

High quality LED strip lights. High quality lighting is a great tool to be used in order to create an amazing aura, at any moment and at any time. The integrated lighting offers an unlimited number of possibilities. LED can be easily managed with a remote control.

Revolutionary short-wave Infra Red technology used in our radiant heaters guarantees an immediate comfort of feeling the warmth just after turning them on.

Deponti Grillo Aluminium Wall

Grillo panels are unique in the Deponti range. These are lightweight, aluminium parts that enrich your outdoor life. The panels are stackable, easy to assemble and fitted with click profiles. They can serve as fence parts for more privacy, or as fencing.

Fiano Sliding Glass Doors – Glass panels are available in different heights and widths. They can run in two to six tracks and have no frame offering an unobstructed view of your garden. Glass sliding wall protects against wind and weather elements.

Perfect for terraces. Perfect for creating a partition. The operation of the windbreaker is manual, so no electricity is needed. Installation is easy, you just set it level and in the direction you want.

In addition you can expand the windbreaker with a base that can also act as a planter.

Size Information

The Deponti Nebbiolo Veranda is available in the following sizes

Width (mm): 4045 / 5045 / 6045
Projection (mm): 2500 / 3000 / 3500

As an added option sliding glass doors or aluminium grillo panels can be added in order to be able to close one or more sides from rain and wind.