Bambrella 4 x 4 Metal Cross Base

PARASOL 4 x 4 metal base

Bambrella 4 x 4 Metal Parasol Bases


Should you be choosing a parasol base for your own garden, a restaurant, café, or hotel we can supply the correct base option. Concrete, granite and metal cross bases.

Choosing an appropriate metal base is a question we get asked at Pergola & Verandas on a regular occurrence. There a few key factors to consider when making that decision. Firstly, you can’t go too heavy. Nobody ever complains because their garden parasol is still upright and in working order.

When choosing your parasol base, consider how your parasol will be used. If your garden umbrella is going through the middle of a sturdy table, you can afford to go lighter on the parasol base. The table will act as a ballast and provide a lot of stability, but you will however still require a parasol base to provide the extra stability required and maintain the position of the pole.

Our range of heavy duty bases have a luxurious aspect and they will keep your parasol strong and sturdy against the winds.

Bambrella 4×4 metal bases have the following features:
  • 4 x 4 Metal Cross Parasol Base Frame
  • 4 x 30KG Granite or Concrete Weights
  • Select whether you require a standard base tube in 38mm and 48mm sizes or a premium tube in 38mm, 48mm and 58mm tubes
  • Frame made from high quality aluminium and steel
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Bambrella Catalogue
Parasol Base Guide – Free Standing
Parasol Base Guide – Going Through A Sturdy Table

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  • Warning:
  • Parasols should not be in the open position in winds in excess of 20mph, without being fitted and bolted to the ground by a licensed contractor.
  • Parasols should always be closed when not in use!
  • Bases not sold separately. Available to buy with parasol only. Please do not attempt to purchase without a parasol.


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70KG, 50KG, 30KG, 25KG Granite bases. The 70KG and 50KG bases with pullout handle and wheels. Size 52cm x 52cm x 7cm in Grey or Dark Grey colours. 30KG granite base with stainless steel pole. Size 45cm x 45cm x 7cm in Grey or Dark Grey. 25KG round granite base with stainless steel pole in Grey.

50KG grey, concrete base with handles and stainless steel base tube.

If you’re unsure as to which base to use, please feel free to contact us. If in doubt, go heavy!

38mm and 48mm standard stainless steel base tubes for bases or 38mm, 48mm and 58mm premium base tubes for 50KG and 70KG bases.

Bambrella replacement canopies are conveniently packaged and available in a variety of colours, materials, sizes and styles, fitting all our Bambrella parasols and others depending on suitability.

All our covers come with an extension pole, which is fitted into a channel in the cover. This enables you to easily place the cover over the top of your Bamrella parasol while zipping it down for protection and storage. Available in Small (2.5m and 3m), Medium (3.5m), Large (4.0m)

Printing your brand name or message on Parasols can help to increase you brand’s awareness. We offer attractive rates for printing services. Whatever you requirements please contact our team for further information and quotations.

Size Information

Bambrella 4 x 4 Metal Cross Base & 4 x 30KG Granite or Concrete weights
88cm x 88cm Square x 10cm. 10cm is base frame depth, so will increase depending on how many weights are used.
Total Weight – 140KG

Parasol Base Guide – Free Standing
Parasol Base Guide – Going Through A Sturdy Table

Bambrella 4 x 4 Metal Cross Base
Bambrella 4 x 4 Metal Cross Base